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Income Protection

Employed, or Self-Employed, your income is not guaranteed. You may have some short term accident, sickness and redundancy insurance cover, but have you considered if that would cover you being out of work longer than expected? Perhaps, you have put aside funds you could use, but you don’t really want to dip into these as this was not part of your plan. Income protection (also known as Permanent Health Insurance) can be useful to provide replacement income, if necessary right through to retirement age if unable to work due to accident or illness.

At Lawson Financial Management we will give you clear and concise advice on income protection options, individually tailored to suit your personal and financial circumstances. 

Life Cover

Hopefully have you thought about the ‘IF’ something happens to me, rather than just assuming it will all be ok. Any state welfare benefits will never replace your level of income to continue your standard of living. “The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry” – Unfortunately sometimes,  peoples plan do not proceed as they wished. Some will encounter lack of income for them and their families due to accident, illness, or even death. There are a lot of questions to ask and answer on this sensitive subject, but questions we can ask and answer together, to enable us to give the advice on life assurance to help protect your loved ones.

Critical Illness Cover

Like life cover but this give you the financial support when you and your loved ones could need it most. This comes down to your personal wishes for financial support in the unfortunate event occurring, like a life threatening illness. This cover type helps by taking away financial burdens to allow you to focus on your recovery and hopefully mitigate some stresses. 

There are different level of covers – level & decreasing. We can help explain these to you and come to an informed decision to what type of cover would be your preference. 

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